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San Diego Events Company has teamed up with the very talented Red Trolley Studios to create a series of wedding vendor videos to help the everyday bride in selecting her wedding vendors.

This episode was created for you by San Diego Events Company and Red Trolley Studio.

Hi! I am Atalanta Jackson from Camellia Wedding Flowers here in Ocean Beach.
1. Which flowers would you recommend based on my wedding season, color palette, and budget?

Your florist will tell you that fortunately, many common flowers are now available all year long.  Flowers are grown locally as well as shipped in from all over the world. Some flowers can be shipped from places that are experiencing a different season, so for example, you can get winter flowers in spring! Only your florist will know what kind of seasonal flowers will be the most reasonably priced, and be the freshest to look beautiful at your wedding.

2. Are there any unseen costs or hidden charges for last minute changes to my wedding flower order?
Be sure to talk to your florist and find out how they deal with any last minute changes.  The last few weeks before the wedding can get hectic with RSVP’s and lots of details. It’s important that your florist agrees to communicate about pricing up front for any last minute additions or changes.

3. How do you work with specific budgets?

It’s important to talk to your florist about budgeting options.  There are so many ways to make a wedding beautiful at any budget! This can include choosing in season flowers, repurposing flowers from ceremony to reception decor, and choosing multiple centerpiece options- maybe some tables have large grand arrangements and the other tables have a simpler more budget friendly floral arrangement to offset the cost.

4. What is the backup plan in case of an emergency or problem with the florist?

It’s not fun to think about, but emergencies do happen.  It’s important to ask your florist who will deliver the flowers in case of any emergency on their end. A good florist will have skilled assistants or a network of florist friends who can come in to save the day. They should be able to provide you with a sound back up plan

5. Do you do mock ups or sample arrangements?   

People are very visual.  Your florist might have an easy time imagining the perfect arrangement for your wedding, but maybe that’s a little harder for you. Ask your florist if they offer to do mock ups or sample arrangements and what they charge for this. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page visually. But most importantly, trust your florist, they are a professional and they want to make everything beautiful for you!

Atalanta Jackson
Camellia Wedding Flowers

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