5 Steps to Sexy Wedding Arms with Everyday California!

Kayaking is an excellent way to achieve those ever-so-desired-Jennifer-Aniston-inspired-wedding-arms. It is no big surprise that brides are always looking for a way to keep workouts exciting in preparation for the big day.  Everyday California is the answer to your boring work out woes. My team and I recently embarked on a whale watching kayak tour and it was impressive. Here are the 5 steps to sexy wedding arms with Everyday California;

Step 1:

Make your kayaking reservations here:

Click Here to Book Your Tour


Step 2:

Recruit some of your favorite girls to experience this adventure with you!!


Step 3:

Purchase some ginger chews or non-drowsy Dramamine in case the sea gets the best of you..


Step 4:

Pay special attention to the instructor. Safety first!!!


Step 5:

Enjoy the experience and the Jen-Aniston-sculpted-wedding-arms!!!


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