5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Wedding Caterer: Eco Caters

  Hello, my name is Nick Brune, I’m an executive chef at ECO Caters. We are in Los Angeles and San Diego and we focus on local organic cuisine. Today we are going to talk about 5 questions you should ask your caterer before you book them. 1. Is your company licensed and insured? It…
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Meet San Diego Events Co. Intern Brook!

Hometown and why I love it: I am originally from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I loved growing up in a small town where everyone knew each other and the community was strong. In high school I was apart of many sports teams and was always staying active. I also loved the elegant simplicity of the town…
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5 Steps to Sexy Wedding Arms with Everyday California!

Kayaking is an excellent way to achieve those ever-so-desired-Jennifer-Aniston-inspired-wedding-arms. It is no big surprise that brides are always looking for a way to keep workouts exciting in preparation for the big day.  Everyday California is the answer to your boring work out woes. My team and I recently embarked on a whale watching kayak tour…
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Meet San Diego Events Co. Intern Rojin

Rojin Vafaeian University of San Diego, Studying Communications and Business Rojin’s Hometown and Why She Loves It: I have lived in Irvine, California since I was five. I love Irvine because it’s almost always sunny. I feel like it was a great place to grow up in because it offers a multitude of activities for…
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Meet San Diego Events Co Intern Jaime

Jaime Hsia San Diego State University   Jaime’s Hometown and Why She LOVES It: I am from the small town San Marcos, California. I love the small town feel where everyone knows everyone. San Marcos has developed over the past few years into a larger community making it a very urban. It’s ten minutes away…
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Top 6 Things To Do After He Pops The Question!

By San Diego Events Company Intern Rojin Vafaeian OMG! He just popped the question! You are filled with countless emotions along with a bit of stress but don’t worry, here are the six next steps you should take after engagement: 1.Make The Calls! –Before you start posting on social media or changing your Facebook status,…
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Fearless-ish Ladies of SDEC Jump Around!

                    Ready..Set.. Jump Around!! And that is precisely what we did during our visit to Jump Around Now in Chula Vista last week. Jump Around Now is a unique adventure and trampoline park. This was an experience unlike anything else. The fearless-ish San Diego Events Company…
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Meet San Diego Events Company Intern Charlotte

San Diego State University Charlotte’s Hometown and Why She LOVES It: My hometown is a city in North County San Diego called Oceanside. It's not the wealthiest of places however that's what I love about it. Oceanside has such a diverse and eclectic mix of people. It's a beach city so I remember summers by…
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