Meet San Diego Events Company Intern Charlotte

San Diego State University

Charlotte’s Hometown and Why She LOVES It:

My hometown is a city in North County San Diego called Oceanside. It's not the wealthiest of places however that's what I love about it. Oceanside has such a diverse and eclectic mix of people. It's a beach city so I remember summers by the ocean, walking bear foot with my girlfriends in our swimsuits. Growing up in a multicultural community with people from all different walks of life has taught me acceptance and given me the ability to connect with anyone.


Charlotte’s Hobbies:

I enjoy hobbies that allow me to see the beauty in life. I love being out in nature, travel, cooking, working up endorphins at the gym, helping out others who need it and dancing until I'm so tired I collapse.


Charlotte’s Favorite SDEC Event So Far:

My favorite SDEC Event is the Beach Theme Bridal Shower. It was such a great concept and the way the shower was executed enabled the girls to have an incredible time before the Brides’ big day! They really loved all the little details that went into the decor and different elements of the shower.


Charlotte’s Hidden Talent:

My hidden talent is I am a human chameleon. No matter what situation I am in or whom I am with, I have the ability to adapt to my surroundings, make others comfortable and read my current environment so that I am able to gain as much from it as possible.


Charlotte’s Superpower:

If I could have any superpower, it would be to have the ability to speak every language. It would be incredible to communicate with all different types of people from all over the world. Lifting language barriers would help create connections with others.


Charlotte’s Dream Wedding:

My dream wedding would be to have a Havana Nights Wedding. I think this theme would be the best to capture my spirit. I picture it to be on a warm summer night, twinkly lights everywhere, colors and music filling the venue and the smell of Caribbean cuisine. I would love to dance the night away and have fun with my new husband, friends and family under the stars.


Why Charlotte Recommends San Diego As THE Destination For Events:

Not only does San Diego have perfect weather nearly all year long and a multitude of exciting things to see and do, but we also have an immense amount of culture. With the fabulous restaurant choices, lively night life and a happening scene for art and music, San Diego is the prime place for any event you hope to host!




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  1. Raj

    Kathy Young – Hi Sara Gordon and I want to tell you All the wedding and enaegemgnt photos were Over the Moon Wonderful!!! You are definately the Best!! Thank you so very much for all the time spent!!A true pleasure to work with!

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