Meet San Diego Events Co. Intern Brook!

Hometown and why I love it:

I am originally from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I loved growing up in a small town where everyone knew each other and the community was strong. In high school I was apart of many sports teams and was always staying active. I also loved the elegant simplicity of the town that has inspired me in my event planning career today.


I love traveling and experiencing new things! This past semester I was fortunate enough to study abroad in Madrid, Spain and also got to travel all over Europe. This opened my eye to so many beautiful aspects of the world that I got to capture through my photography and videography. I also am very active. On the weekends you can find me surfing at Mission Beach or hiking around Torrey Pines.

Most looking forward to for SDEC because:

I am so excited to be working with a company that lets me experience every aspect of the event planning process. I am looking forward to learning about the little things that go into event planning like how many flower sets we want on each table or if flowers are even necessary for that event. I want to learn how SDEC executes events with perfect unity between everything from the chairs to the visual effects to the cake!

Hidden Talent

I am obsessed with making T-Shirts for my sorority! I love taking ideas form Pinterest or even other high-end brands and incorporating it into a shirt that I can make for my sorority! I love the design element to this process and I can see myself applying this aspect to event planning!


I would want to be able to fly.  If I could fly, I would be able to get anywhere I wanted faster and without traffic! Also if I was working an event and for some reason we forgot a nice pen for the guest book I could fly over to the nearest Staples and grab one!

Dream Wedding

My dream wedding would be in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I have seen so many people travel from far away places to come to this beautiful place I get to call home to tie the knot! It would be a simple wedding, outdoors, in the summer, with my closest family and friends. The color scheme would include white and baby pink with some accents of a pale green. I think flowers are a key component to any wedding, thus I would spend time perfecting the flowers. Center pieces are essential!

Ultimate Career Goal

My ultimate career goal would definitely be working for a company in which I could incorporate my love for event planning, marketing and public relations. All of these elements are key in creating a good business and it is what I find my passion in.

Why San Diego is THE destination for events:

Who wouldn't want to have their event in San Diego? San Diego has some of the absolute best restaurants, venues and views in the country. The weather is good all year round thus the possibilities are endless!


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