Meet San Diego Events Company Intern Alyssa


Cuyamaca College, Studying Event Coordination.

Alyssa’s Hometown and Why She Loves it:

I have lived in San Diego my entire life, I love it because it has so many options for fun. I love the weather and the gorgeous sunsets. I love the diversity the city has to offer along with the amazing food that you can find Downtown, in Little Italy and in Old Town. The beaches are gorgeous and the people are so laid back and relaxed. San Diego is like a year round paradise and I am so blessed to have lived here all my life.

Alyssa’s Hobbies:

I love to travel and get outside! I have hit four out of the seven continents and I plan on getting to Australia and South America in the next few years. Also, I love to participate in the Nike Women’s Marathon annually in San Francisco. I love to snowboard, surf and hike on local trails in San Diego. I have a German Shepherd puppy named Jayda and I love to bring her with me everywhere I go. On an average day you can find us hiking, at Coronado dog beach or somewhere eating nutella crepes in Little Italy.

Devin is most looking forward to working with SDEC because:

What I look forward to the most to work working for SDEC is the hands on experience. I want to learn the organizational skills that are needed, the balance between events and the structure for how each event is set up and executed. I am looking forward to gaining a better understanding for event coordination through experience as an intern.

Alyssa’s Hidden Talent:

My hidden talent is fashion and design. My passion is events, but I love fashion. I enjoy putting things together that normally would not be put side by side. I have such a variety of tastes when it comes to different pieces and textures and whatever my mood is that day. From bohemian to chic to the 90’s to the runway, I love to mix it up every day and often transfers to event design as well.

Alyssa’s Superpower:

If I could have a superpower it would be to control the weather. There are so many overcast days at the beach that I would change to sunny days, and sometimes I just feel like watching movies all day while it rains outside. Also this superpower would come in handy on event days! Making sure it doesn’t rain on a bride, or be so windy that the reception tent gets blown over and especially on those super hot days baking in the sun and melting at an event, that is never fun, I would cool the day off so everyone can enjoy the afternoon.

Alyssa’s Dream Wedding:

My dream wedding... The location would be a winery in Napa, I would have horses for beautiful pictures and for the little kids to feed. The ceremony would be in between the rows of vineyards and the reception would be in the giant tasting room. The colors would be natural shades of nature; white table cloths, green and white floral arrangements, gold rim glassware, dark wood chair and tea lights hanging from above. My bridesmaids would wear blush colored dresses, and groomsmen would wear paisley bow ties. The cake would be simple but elegant, all white. There would be white linen floor length drapes blowing in the breeze by the windows. It would be simple but beautiful.

Alyssa’s Ultimate Career Goal:

My ultimate career goal would be to get a degree in Event Coordination, and become the Head Event Coordinator for a sports organization primarily in California, such as any team in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, UFC, or maybe even The PGA Tour.


Why Alyssa Recommends San Diego as THE Destination for Events:

San Diego is an amazing location for a wedding or special event, you can drive to the snow in Julian or the countryside, or you can have an event at the beach, and there are so many different beaches all a little bit different so you have a variety to pick from. If you are looking for a downtown experience, the beautiful hotels in the Gaslamp District overlooking the Harbor and the famous San Diego skyline would be perfect. Coronado and Seaport Village are also beautiful locations for any special event.  Del Mar has a lot to offer as well, gorgeous country clubs and the world famous Del Mar Racetrack. San Diego has a variety of stunning location options and that is why it’s the very best!

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