Meet San Diego Events Company Intern Devin

University of Arizona, Studying Journalism and Communications

Devin’s Hometown and Why She LOVES It:
Being a San Diego native I have had the opportunity to explore this city to no end, look in every nook and cranny, and find its hidden treasures. From Board and Brew to Sunset Cliffs, San Diego is one of the coolest places in the world and up until my high school graduation, all I had ever known. During my senior year I had narrowed my college choices down to The University of Arizona and San Diego State, a tough decision considering all of my friends would be attending SDSU in the fall but after taking a leap of faith, I as Robert Frost says, “Took the path less traveled.” Now going into my junior year at the U of A I can surely say I am a wildcat for life but also a girl with an indescribable love for her hometown of San Diego.

Devin’s Hobbies:
My hobbies include swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, hanging out at the beach, and pretty much anything else that consists of ocean water. I also love reading, practicing yoga, writing, and spending time with friends and family. I am a social media guru, a chatty Cathy, and a huge advocate for girl time so if you’re ever in need of a much deserved pedicure, I’m your girl!

Devin is most looking forward to working with SDEC because:
This summer I’m really looking forward to helping out with the many unique weddings and events with the San Diego Events Company team. I am excited to use a little brain power on my “off-season” from the University of Arizona to write stories for the San Diego Event Company Blog! My favorite part so far is the fact that I will get to do something new every day and meet new people!

Devin’s Hidden Talent:
My hidden talent is how long I can hold my breath underwater. I mean seriously, it’s a long time! Challenge me!

Devin’s Superpower:
If I could have any super power it would most definitely be to fly. I really love traveling and appreciate any chance to become more cultured. Having the ability to go wherever whenever would be awesome.

Devin’s Dream Wedding:
Ever since Pinterest has taken off, my dream wedding has been planned. I know that I want an outdoor wedding that would obviously take place in San Diego. I also know, how important color is, I am torn between either light blues and navy blues or deep maroons and oranges. For my dress, I really love ¾ lace sleeves, similar to Kate Midelton, just a really classy simple look. I mean, the bride wears the dress, the dress doesn’t wear the bride! Lastly, inspired by a Pinterest post, I really love the idea of having floating candles strategically placed all around the venue. I think that candles, especially once the reception transitions at night, gives the wedding such a romantic vibe!

Devin’s Ultimate Career Goal:
When I get out of college I hope to become a news reporter for a TV station in San Diego and eventually work my way up to becoming an Anchor for Fox. My dreams are big and the industry is competitive, but I know with hard work, confidence, and charisma I can make it happen!

Why Devin Recommends San Diego As THE Destination For Events:
San Diego is the absolute perfect place for a wedding because IT IS the absolute perfect place! Many people have mixed feelings about major cities. Some people think LA is too crowded; others don’t like Portland because of the gloomy clouds. However, the city of San Diego is loved by all for being America’s Finest City. It has great weather, cozy beaches, and extremely kind people. What more could you ask for?

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  1. Johannes

    Doug – Hi Sara! Nikki and I love the preview poohts of the wedding. They are AMAZING! But we knew they would be top notch:) We can’t wait for more!Cheers,Nikki and Doug

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