Meet San Diego Events Company Intern Jessica


Clarion University of Pennsylvania

Studying Marketing and Accounting


Jessica’s Hometown and Why She LOVES It:

My hometown is Hallstead, Pennsylvania.  It is in the North East corner a hop, skip and a jump away from the New York border. What I love about living here is that it is a small town, making it easier to relax during breaks from school.



Jessica’s Hobbies:

I enjoy shopping. My favorite things to shop for are clothes, antique jewelry crafting supplies {when I go in Michael’s I should be put on a leash}. I also like to cook and bake. I also love doing DYI beauty treatments for my hair.


Jessica is most looking forward to working with SDEC because:

Something I am most interested in getting out of my time as an intern for San Diego Events Company is the hands-on experience in event planning, which is ultimately what I want to do with my career.


Jessica’s Hidden Talent:

My hidden talent would have to be my ability to view situations objectively and see all the different sides, points of view, and potential outcomes.


Jessica’s Superpower:

I would love to have the ability to travel through time. I am no history buff but I think that being able to go back in time and experience firsthand what cultures were like in other decades would be fun and interesting. The two periods I find to be particularly interesting are the 1920’s and 1960’s.


Jessica’s Dream Wedding:

My dream wedding would be set in a somewhat rustic environment that still gave off a classy, modern vibe. I imagine bright, yet not overbearing lighting and rich, romantic colors.



Jessica’s Ultimate Career Goal:

While I am unsure as to exactly what I want to do with my career, I am sure that whatever I do, I will be happiest in a career that allows me to help other people while enabling me to utilize all of my skills and abilities which is why I find event planning to be ideal.



Why Jessica Recommends San Diego As THE Destination For Events:

I find San Diego to be an exciting, yet casual environment that has a way of drawing people in and also makes it quick for visitors, like myself, to fall in love with the location. For this reason I think San Diego is a great, possibly ideal, location for a wedding because it has all the best to offer. There are beautiful parks, beaches, museums and various other styles of venues that would make it easy for any couple to find the perfect site for their wedding.





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