Meet San Diego Events Company Intern Kayla

Kayla Bishar

Eastern Michigan University

Studying Hotel and Restaurant Management


Kayla’s Hometown and Why She Loves It:

I am from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I love Ann Arbor because it has just about everything you could need tucked away in every corner of the city. It was a perfect place to grow up.

Kayla’s Hobbies:

I like to cook {I am not saying I am a great cook} but I really enjoy cooking for others, trying out new recipes, AND I just found a cute little farmers market!! I am excited to try and incorporate some of the fresh produce into my recipes. When I am not slaving away in the kitchen I might just be relaxing on the beach. I think my hobbies will shift this summer considering I am living in beautiful San Diego for the summer. I love exploring new places and I don't think I have seen an ugly part of San Diego, it is seriously beautiful here.


Kayla’s Favorite Event with SDEC So Far:

My favorite event at San Diego Events Company was the beach themed bridal shower. We created custom photo backdrops that really took the backyard bridal shower to the next level. SDEC also put together the most creative centerpieces. The centerpieces were budget friendly and made you want to put your senses to the test! Small details such as the custom-made drink stations and monogrammed candy favors made the event even more personal and special! Bridal showers often get overlooked and I know SDEC can help any bride have and elegant, yet engaging bridal shower!

Kayla’s Hidden Talent:

I love giving myself mini-manicures. I kind of go all out and soak my hands, trim, file, cut my nails/cuticles. I figure it’s cheaper to go out and buy a new nail color rather than getting a manicure. But it never turns out as perfect as it does at a nail salon, and I can't give myself amazing hand massages...maybe this talent should have stayed hidden 🙁


Kayla’s Superpower:

I would like to be able to teleport. The ability to eliminate travel time would be amazing! I have family all over the country and even in different countries, plus I love to see new places. Having the ability to travel without paying for flights and bags, now that would truly be a great super power.


Kayla’s Dream Wedding:

My dream wedding includes a dream man {haven't found him yet}. I do know that I want to be married in a church with a traditional Arabic ceremony. The reception would be a bit more Americanized; however, I would like to incorporate some traditions like drummers along with an Arabic singer/band. The dance floor has to be a main feature. My dream location would be California, considering I live in Michigan. Last but not least, my dream colors are Navy, Ivory, and gold. The colors may change in the future, but I am obsessed with the thought of those colors right now.


Kayla’s Ultimate Career Goal:

Part of the reason I am taking this summer off is for my SDEC internship. I love event planning, but I am just unsure of how I want to turn that into a career. I think owning your own business has its perks, but I know it can be VERY time consuming having to wear so many hats. I am also considering working in a hotel. I like the idea of the stability it offers and the busy buzz of working in a hotel in a major city.


Why Kayla Recommends San Diego as THE Destination for Events:

Hello! Look outside your window right now, I promise you it is a better view than anywhere in the mid-west. San Diego is just a happy place, the weather is fantastic and there is so much to see and do here. One of the reasons I love it here so much is because all my family lives here. I have visited San Diego more times than I could possibly count, but I have never enjoyed this city more. I love that when I drive to the grocery store I have beautiful views of the ocean, mountains, and beautiful houses. If you live here, you know how great it is. But I think if you move here from a different state or even if you are just visiting you may appreciate the views more than a native Californian.


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