Meet San Diego Events Company Intern Meghan M

Meghan M.
San Diego State University


Meghan’s Hometown and Why She LOVES It:
I was born and raised in California’s beautiful capital, Sacramento. I love the American River and jogging along the levy. My favorite street is blanketed by trees that turn orange and yellow in the Fall. From the greenery, to the river, to the warm summer nights, Sacramento was a great place to live.


Meghan’s Hobbies:
I am always picking up new hobbies. I love trying new things, whether it be a new recipe, a new hike, or exploring somewhere I have never been in San Diego. I enjoy baking my grandma’s recipes and trying new things that I find on pinterest. I also enjoy photography. I do not think I have mastered the art - yet - but I love taking photos everywhere I go.


Meghan’s Favorite SDEC  Event So Far:
My favorite event with SDEC so far was the wedding at the Grand Del Mar. It was absolutely breathtaking. Also, it was great experience to be in the bridal suite, helping the photographer, and lining everyone up for the procession. I am most looking forward to any future weddings that SDEC coordinates. Weddings are my favorite events to work on because I am so intrigued by every little detail that makes the day special and unique.


Meghan’s Hidden Talent:
My hidden talent is that I can do the splits. Although, it takes some stretching beforehand!


Meghan’s Superpower:
If I could have a super power it would be the ability to control time. I would be able to freeze, rewind, and fast-forward the clock. On occasion I wish I could do these things, but then I just remind myself to live in the moment!


Meghan’s Dream Wedding:
My dream wedding would be in a beautiful church in a coastal town. I would like my wedding style to be elegant and chic but simple. I like a clean color scheme of gold and white. I am most looking forward to choosing a wedding dress. I would like my dress to be classic and timeless.


Meghan’s Ultimate Career Goal:
My ultimate career goal is to be a morning news anchor. I enjoy finding meaningful stories and ways of telling them in an interesting and relatable manner.


Why Meghan Recommends San Diego As THE Destination For Events:
San Diego is an awesome location for a destination wedding because of the beautiful beaches, hotels, golf courses, and sunsets! With a little help from SDEC, you can create a unique wedding that fulfills your dreams right here in San Diego.

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