One Wedding Coordinator’s Story of Acceptance

Rainbow Wedding Network’s Gay and Lesbian Wedding Expo

I have been a supporter of equal rights in regards to same sex marriage since I understood the concept of two people uniting. I was lucky to have been exposed to a variety of colorful lifestyles and communities at a young age. For as long as I can remember, my uncle, who was gay, spoke openly about his life and his long term relationships. He was a good man with many wonderful qualities and I treasured my time with him immensely.  I was incredibly lucky to have him as my uncle because he taught me to be open, kind and respectful of all people.  Many of my values in regards to “untraditional” unions came from him. For example, in college I made the decision to become and egg donor.  When asked if I was willing to donate to a gay couple, I didn’t hesitate.  I have donated to several different gay couples and I couldn’t be more proud.  

Finally when Proposition 8 passed, I knew that same sex couples everywhere were celebrating, just as my uncle would have if he were still with us. The event planner in me immediately got excited at the idea of being a part of these long awaited unions.  I was beyond excited to exhibit at the Rainbow Wedding Network’s Wedding Expo in San Diego, Ca on August 18th, 2013 at the Handlery Hotel. The San Diego Events Company team had a phenomenal time and we can’t wait to start planning! Below you will find the event gallery from our booth. Although my official title is Owner and Lead Event Coordinator of San Diego Events Company, I prefer to think of myself as a facilitator of creating treasured memories.  I hope to be a facilitator for many same sex weddings for years to come.


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